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Ginger Syrup 11.3 oz

Sweet, hot and sultry - made with pure cane sugar, fresh lemons, and our own USDA Organic Ginger. You can taste the warm breeze as it blows through the Live Oaks. A versatile and delicious vegan and gluten-free USDA Organic treat.

A dash of soda and you can have the most refreshing old-fashioned Ginger Ale or use it as a marinade or salad dressing. But when the sun goes down and the kids are in bed, you have some serious choices to make.  A Moscow Mule or Dark 'n Stormy or a new creation?

Ginger Syrup Drink Recipe Ideas

Looking for a healthy treat, try these delicious grilled Fruit Kebab.

To finish the look of this delicious syrup, we bottle it in a curvaceous Italian glass flask.


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Customer Reviews

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Pat Sewell
Ginger Syrup

Received my order very promptly and in great shape. It's the best thing I have ever put on pancakes! Will share with others in my family. Thanks for your prompt response.

Hard to Beat

When looking for organic syrup that doesn't have concerns for ingredients sourced in heavily industrial countries with heavy metals in the soil, my search ended with Verdant. I save a few bucks by getting it on Verdant's site (price is a couple bucks better than [the big "A"] as long as I get at least 2 bottles at a time so that Verdant comps the shipping. I wish they had a subscription service for this stuff where they would include a return postage label (bulk postage would not cost them as much as it does us and they only get charged if/when I use it?) and I would use the original packaging to return the empty bottles for their reuse. When I get the second shipment, I return the first bottles to them.

Victoria Grusing
Just arrived. Gifts. Won't know until tried after Christmas.

Just arrived. Gifts.

Kevin Burke
Ginger Syrup

I love the ginger syrup especially on pancakes. Only issue I have is that the shipping is about as much as the product.

Mary Masterson
Found it

I was looking for a ginger syrup to replace one I had used to make Moscow Mule drinks and was no longer able to find. So when I saw this one in my online search, I decided to give it a try. This company was great with communication, they shipped quickly, and best of all the ginger syrup is delicious.

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