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Turmeric Liquid Concentrate 

Just works!

"I have a lot of back pain in my lower back from constantly sitting at my desk. I feel guilty about always taking aspirin so I figured I'd give this a try... It really works! I have a few drops in the morning with my coffee and a few more after dinner. It has helped noticeably with inflammation and soothes my stomach (unlike the aspirin I take). Love it!" Carol Zukenik

Ginger Infused Honey 

"Sublime! If you are a ginger addict, you'll love this honey. It's not a "metallic" ginger flavoring - it's the real thing. Sweet, warm, spicy, with a kick." Marion, Baltimore MD

Ginger Bites "Chemo patients need these. Nice tin for carry in chemo bag or handbags." Marion, Dayton OH  

SPICE IT UP – This is amazing: Get the healthful benefits of ginger in the form of a luscious honey (to stir into tea) or a zingy organic syrup (the cocktail possibilities are endless) both made in Georgia.” Oprah Winfrey