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Our Story

Verdant Kitchen™ is a gourmet and wellness company focused on the ginger and turmeric family of spices. We craft artisan foods and beverages using the highest quality ingredients.

These spices have been at the intersection of gourmet and wellness for millennia. At Verdant Kitchen™, we use our deep knowledge and the finest ingredients from our own organic farm and around the world to unleash these spices and craft unique, delicious and healthful products.

Our roots are in the sandy loam of the coastal lowlands of Savannah, GA. Together with our Atlanta-based USDA Organic certified production facility, our USDA Organic certified Savannah farm and now our Controlled Environment development investments and farmer partners have given us the opportunities to experiment to develop our knowledge, to keep our hands in the soil, and educate the public.

It is all about the spice. Our team works to maximize the well-being and flavors of our spices to craft unique and delicious products for our customers to enjoy.

Today, Verdant Kitchen™ delivers our products to customers through a network of distributors, gourmet and wellness retailers, and online.


Ginger in Georgia 

"Growing up near Brisbane, Australia, I guessed that the sandy soil in Savannah combined with its subtropical climate matched the conditions in Australia where ginger crops have been successful. We looked to the premium ginger processing activities in Buderim, Australia, and used it as inspiration for our activities in Savannah. In March 2012, we planted our first crop of ginger, galangal, and turmeric at our farm on Lebanon Plantation and, so, our story began..."
Ross Harding
Co-Founder and CEO, Verdant Kitchen
Our beginning -  the Verdant Kitchen™ farm at  Lebanon Plantation, Savannah, GA
Ginger Fields Lebanon Plantation

Origin of Lebanon Plantation
The land that is now Lebanon Plantation was part of a 500-acre grant from King George II to French colonists in 1756.  Lebanon Plantation has a history of being at the forefront of agricultural experimentation and production. Lebanon was originally an agricultural experiment by the French settlers in the mid- and late-1700's with indigo, mulberries and olives being some of the initial crops grown. In the years thereafter, Lebanon participated in the growth of rice production along the Georgia coast followed shortly by cotton. The land passed ownership over the years to several notable Georgians including James Habersham and George Anderson. In the early 1900's, C&S Bank founder, Mills B. Lane, conducted experiments that included satsuma oranges, pecans, carnation cows, and mule deer from the American West. The Verdant Kitchen™ team continued this long-standing tradition at Lebanon Plantation with our original certified USDA Organic farm and processing facility.