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5 Favorite Uses of Liquid Concentrates - # 3 - Boost your Juice

There are many ways to enjoy the benefits from Liquid Concentrates - here are 5 all time customer favorites made in 60 seconds or less! 

#3 Add to Juice as part part of a weekly Detox Day

Carrot and Orange Juice


Add a 1 ml dropper to a 6-8 oz glass of fresh or store purchased fruit and vegetable juice. It's a great way enjoy naturally complex nutrition.

Fun Fact: Many fruits and vegetable have a positive synergistic impact when combined with ginger and turmeric. This is one reason you find these superfoods in so many detox recipes.

Some deeper background research:

To get the best results from these products it's good to have a little background. Liquid Concentrates are made using the "tincture" method in our Atlanta USDA Certified Organic facility. Premium ginger and turmeric from selected farms in the USA are steeped in 190 proof organic alcohol. The key phytochemical compounds that provide the primary wellness benefits and flavor, such as gingerol, curcumin, and piperine are not normally soluble in water but they are highly soluble in alcohol. By steeping the ingredients in organic alcohol and filtering to 1 micron, we can extract a broad spectrum of key compounds. The end result is a highly concentrated liquid extract that is water soluble and ready to use.