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Turmeric Dusted Baby Ginger 4 oz

The soft, warm spice and delicate texture of baby ginger are complemented by the brilliant color, aroma, and taste of our USDA Organic, raw food dehydrated USDA Organic turmeric. This vegan and gluten-free combination bring together a wellness duo in a functional clear hinged tin.

A color and flavor burst when added to salads, a great addition to your travel pack and a perfect accompaniment to cheese. Add it to your blender for a punch in a smoothie, swirled into yogurt, or eat it by the piece for the calming impact of Ginger along with the soothing impact of Turmeric.

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Yummy Product!

Both my husband and I are enjoying this as an occasional treat- and it has health benefits which is an added plus.


I liked the bigger pieces

An amazing find!

I found my first tin in a sweet little store in Stockbridge MA and was blown away by the delicious flavor of these tidbits - I wouldn’t even share with my big sister. So I have gone to the source and stocked up. These are so good they must be shared with those you love!


take it daily.

Amazing Products from Verdant Kitchen

I have been using Turmeric Dusted Baby Ginger and turmeric Liquid concentrate from Verdant Kitchen since February 2018. I immediately fell in love with the product. It helps boost up my energy and increases my immune system level. Every morning I take Turmeric Dusted Baby Ginger and Turmeric liquid concentrate with my coffee and meal. I always share the products with my friends and my family members. I am so grateful that the company makes these products. I respect and thanks to all the product producer and all makers (Ginger Man).

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