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When Harry Met Meghan - a toast to Gingers everywhere.

When Harry Met Meghan
At the Royal Wedding private reception hosted by the groom's dad at Frogmore House, it was reported that the couple had a specially crafted "ginger" cocktail celebrating Prince Harry's famous red hair. That George Clooney jumped over the bar and created this drink to toast one of the world's most loved gingers or not is still disputed.
Now love the term or hate it, "Gingers" hold a very special place in history and a  very special place in our hearts at the ginger-loving Verdant Kitchen®.
Where the term "ginger" came from when referring to those with red hair is also unclear. Perhaps the most likely is the warmth that ginger delivers and the association with the warmth of the color red.
Our cocktail research department (referred to in-house as the CRD) has been hard at work! After much sleuthing, the CRD has concluded that it was a Rum and Ginger cocktail. Thrown off the track early by rumors of the inclusion of elderflowers, which never made much sense to us, the CRD has suggested the following:

When Harry met Meghan - Verdant Kitchen® style

In a great big royal-sized silver punch bowl (plastic will suffice as a stand-in), add the following. Makes 20 servings for paparazzi-dodging guests.
  • Verdant Kitchen® Ginger Syrup - 11.3 oz bottle
  • Dark Rum from any of the colonies (we used Bundaberg Rum as we have much Friday afternoon research and development experience with this Aussie elixir) - 12 oz
  • Soda Water (seltzer) from your antique soda fountain, or 2 x 2-liter bottles of $0.99 soda from your closest grocery
  • A good-sized bucket of ice freshly chipped from the purest clear block, or a bag from the closest gas station
  • 2 oranges sliced and arranged around the edges of the punch bowl and one for each glass
  • Serve in your finest Waterford crystal or IKEA tumbler

Be calm, sip your drink, toast the happy couple and think of England!


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