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Turbocharge Your Breakfast and Build a Strong Active Defense

We often don't give breakfast the focus it deserves.
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When you focus on health and wellness, the first place to look is routine activities that you repeat each and every day. Breakfast is one of those "routines." A small change in breakfast can quickly become a standard part of your wellness routine.
As we head into fall and the mornings turn cooler, a warm bowl of oatmeal is a welcome start to the day. We like to think of oatmeal as a blank canvas. Nutritious and satisfying in its own right, it's a great stage to build a varied series of breakfasts for you and the whole family. In a previous blog post, we talked about the benefits that oatmeal can provide for liver health and a delicious energy balls based on Oats and Turmeric Infused Honey

Part of an antioxidant-rich diet is variety. There are many sources of foods rich in antioxidants and and anti-inflammatory compounds. Here are a few ideas to experiment with.
Start with a oatmeal (we love the GMO-free varieties) and try the following:
Day 1 - Finely chop 1-2 pieces of Turmeric Dusted Baby Ginger and mix in while cooking. (Bonus Tip: if you add a splash of your favorite nut or dairy milk, the fats help your body absorb the active compounds in the fat-soluble ginger and turmeric.)
Day 2 - Add fresh strawberries and drizzle with Ginger Infused Honey
Day 3 - Add fresh blueberries and 5-6 pieces of Ginger Bites
Day 4 - Add chopped nuts (try heart-healthy pecans) and drizzle with Turmeric Infused Honey
Day 5 - Mix in a teaspoon of Ginger Preserve with Lemons and add sliced bananas once cooked.
Be creative and have fun - your body will thank you!

Ross Harding
Ross Harding


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