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Travel Essential - stories from a Million Mile Road Warrior


Over the years I have traveled well over 1,000,000 miles and have lost count of the countries I have visited.

I have learned a few things over those miles and one thing I am sure of is that it is no fun to be sick when you travel. It's bad enough when you travel for business and miss meetings but when you travel on vacation or even for a weekend with family being sick can impact everyone around you.


We can't avoid every issue but there are a number of things we can do to stay well while we travel. My top five recommendations are

Travel Essentials 

  1. Build and maintain a strong immune system
  2. Stay hydrated
  3. Disinfect everything before you touch it
  4. Calm your digestion
  5. Help your body repair

A travel routine can help. Here is what I do.

For a few days before I travel 

- drink ginger green tea a few times a day. This is packed with antioxidants that help protect and repair

- add Turmeric & Ginger Liquid Concentrate to my water bottle and drink an extra bottle each day that more than you would normally drink.

While I travel

- eat a few pieces of Ginger Bites 30 minutes before I fly or go on a long drive. It helps calm and eliminates motion sickness. If you are more sensitive to motion and tend to have nausea then be certain to take 1-2 capsules of Farm Fresh Ginger Capsules instead. If you are on a cruise do this twice per day.

- be "that person" with the disinfectant wipes that wipes every surface on the place, hire car and hotel room you will touch

- skip the coffee and drink water only while you travel and add a dropper of Ginger liquid Concentrate to the bottle. (Obvious exceptions granted for drinks at dinner and by the pool...)

When I arrive

- have a snack of Turmeric and Ginger Baby Ginger. I make a trail mix with raw almonds and dried cranberries. This is packed with nutrition and a natural source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. They help support your bodies natural defenses.


Everyone has their own rituals that work for them. Build a strong defense and use products time tested by travelers down through the ages.

Travel Well and Arrive Refreshed my friends.






Ross Harding
Ross Harding


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Jarred Lawrence
Jarred Lawrence

November 25, 2019

Great useful tips. Personal safety and security are more important while traveling to a new place. Have our medical kit with sunscreens, pain killers, Multi-surface Antibacterial wipes, and hand sanitizers prevent us from sick while we are in travel. Thanks for sharing a useful post.

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