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The Six Essentials for Great Gifts

Gift choices and giving should be a natural pleasure but often it feels stressful. 

Why does it sometimes fill us with dread ? How do we get something for the person that has everything? We looked to leading psychologists, philosophers, and grandmothers for answers. What they said made sense. Their advice not only opened a new universe of potential gift ideas but changed gift giving back to what it should be - a time to appreciate and honor others.

We give gifts to celebrate others. In the end, it does not matter if it is to say thank you for kindness, to a stranger as an act of compassion, to our partners, parents, siblings, co-workers, or children we have created these 6 Essentials for Great Gifts:

1. Be Personal - Gift giving is one to one. It is your opportunity to connect directly with someone. This is a gift for them and no one else. You chose it for them. Spend some time to look at the next 5 Essentials and you will meet this #1 essential of gift giving.

2. Look to the Past or to the Future - Gifts can celebrate the past or the future. Memories of past times, a great flavor, a familiar texture, a happy scent from our past that is full of joy. Pick a gift that connects to time. Future times are full of promise. Are they planning a trip? Moving house? Getting married? Having a child? Find a gift that can be part of that future or that helps connect to a happy past time.

3. Be an experience - choose gifts that can be enjoyed. Experiences are best shared. Find gifts that can be enjoyed many times. Wonderful snacks, beautiful aromas, and great tastes can be enjoyed over and over. Small happy experiences that can be repeated and shared many times make for great gifts.

4. Include a little bit of yourself - make the gift connected to you. Add a special note about the history or providence of the gift. Add something that made it special to you and gives more information on why you are sharing it.

5. Make them happy - gifts should make them happy. Gifts that make them comfortable, relieve their stress, or provides them with relaxation are appreciated.

6. Be what they need - a gift that solves a problem is a good gift. If your gift is to help someone climb a mountain next month then that is a great thing but most people have simpler ambitions.  Not everyone feels well or is leaving for an outward bound adventure in the next month. Gifts that bring simple comfort, warmth, and better mobility are always well received.

At Verdant Kitchen® we have curated a selection of individual items, gift collections, and gift sets from $5 to $60. They include gifts that prepare for great adventures or bring simple comfort when times are tough. We work to craft gifts that bring joy to those who receive them and to those give them.

Ross Harding
Ross Harding


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