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April 26, 2018


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Kentucky Derby - The History of the Mint Julep & Our Ginger Twist on This Classic

Like all iconic drinks, the Mint Julep has a long and storied history. In the 1700s, British explorers made a habit of mixing the fermented spirits of any indigenous sweet crop with botanicals. They probably went about this for two reasons 1) alcohol as rum or port wine had long been the currency of the open oceans and 2) A spoonful of these test concoctions helped the mostly bitter and nasty medicines of the day go down. The results of these experiments has ecoched down the years with famous outcomes like the juniper berry-infused gin and the rum and ginger-based Dark n' Stormy. From those same experiments came the Mint Julep.

The English were not only good explorers, they documented their discoveries well. Whoever writes down history, owns it and so whatever the actual genesis of this drink, the written record is English. The word "julep" is possibly a Spanish/Arabic expansion of “julepe” or rosewater. It also appears that the word is associated with a sweet drink and as a vehicle for medicine. The rosewater connection is not totally clear, but sweet alcoholic mixtures as a medicinal carrier fits and by the 1700s there are references to mint julep as an emetic (see our recent blog on Motion Sickness) and references to the citizens of Virginia sipping on this “spirituous liquor.”

By the 1800s, the British seafaring captain Frederick Marryat’s writs of his favorite recipe for a Mint Julep with mint, sugar and peach brandy over ice with the rim of the glass rubbed with pineapple (this actually sounds delicious). It would seem that Mint Juleps were more a class of drinks based on sugar and mint with a spirit from brandy to gin. But eventually the good folk of Virginia and Kentucky helped make Bourbon the dram of choice and the Mint Julep became an iconic American drink.

By 1938 Kentucky had established deep strength in horses and bourbon. In a great piece of marketing, the Brown-Forman Corporation, a strong spirit distributor, got together with the Churchill Downs horse track and the Mint Julep became the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. The story of how silver or pewter cups came to be used also has many versions.

Today most Mint Juleps are served in a highball glass or tumbler. The rest they say is a combination of big smiles, bigger hats, happy time, late nights and shaky next mornings. We think there's still room for this iconic drink to evolve. Our Ginger Syrup is the perfect next step. Slow-steeped organic ginger, organic molasses, organic raw cane sugar and lemons with bourbon and fresh mint have layers of flavor. Smoky, sweet, warm, fresh and delicious. It's available in party-sized 45 oz, 11.3 oz hip flasks and the perfect picnic size for 2-4 drinks.

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December 10, 2017


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Recipe: Roasted Turmeric Infused Honey-Glazed Plantains

Plantains are delicious, but often when served fried they can be a bit heavy. We've created an easy oven-roasted recipe that provides the flavor you want, but with a lot less oil and mess.

The Turmeric Infused Honey enhances the golden color of the plantains and gives a sweet, crisp glaze. It adds turmeric's anti-inflammatory benefits to the naturally high levels of fiber, Vitamin C (antioxidant), Vitamin A, B6 and minerals. Great tasting too!

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Turmeric Infused Honey

Recipe - Ginger Glazed Salmon

Ginger Glazed Salmon
Salmon is a great addition to a dinner table at any time of the year and is packed with heart-healthy fats and lean protein. But it's much more than that. The color and texture of salmon and its mild taste make it a favorite. It gives an alternative to your guests and allows for a quick and easy preparation and plating. 
Salmon pairs well with ginger. The warm citrus notes of Ginger Preserve with Lemon provide an opportunity to marinate or baste a piece of salmon and add a fresh kick as a garnish when serving.
An Uncomplicated Gourmet™ recipe can take a piece of plain salmon and in 3 minutes and less than 3 ingredients turn it into a fragrant and delicious centerpiece.
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Ginger Preserve with Lemon


      1. Verdant Kitchen™ Ginger Preserve with Lemon, 2 Tsp
      2. Salmon, 1/2 lb per serving
      3. Soy Sauce, 1 tsp
      4. Sprigs of fresh rosemary
      1. Preheat oven to 400 F
      2. Pat salmon dry and place skin side down on a baking tray.
      3. Mix 1 tsp of Ginger Preserve with Lemon with 1 tsp soy sauce and brush mixture evenly over the salmon.
      4. Garnish with sprigs of rosemary.
      5. Place in oven and bake uncovered for 12-15 minutes.
      6. Remove from oven and allow to cool.
      7. Garnish with 1 tsp Ginger Preserve with Lemon

Cheese Boards - Set the mood with tastes and textures

You have the music playing, the drinks chilled, the table set and the lights just right. First impressions matter. The Uncomplicated Gourmet™ has some secrets up their sleeve to help set the mood and prepare your palate.
The cheese course is served at different times around the world. I grew up in Australia and no great meal was complete without a selection of cheese and a good 10-year-old tawny Port. In France, it's after the main course. On many American tables, the cheese is the prelude to the meal in the "snacks, dips and nibbles" category. Whenever a cheese course is served, it's an opportunity to set the mood.
Step One - Start with a theme.
This theme is "rustic." This combination would pair well with a pinot noir. Two goat milk cheeses provide a creamy mouth feel and aromatic spice. We chose Goat Lady Snow Cap - a mixed cow and goat milk, small format, soft bloomy rind, brie style; and Goat Lady plain Creamy Classic Chevre. Soft acidic.
Step Two - Bring the flavors and textures together
Rustic crackers and creamy cheese deserve soft, warm and sweet to highlight the flavor and texture. We kept the fruit to a minimum, some red seedless grapes. The star was a trio of ginger.
Ginger Preserve with Lemon - pieces of early-season harvest ginger are allowed to infuse our citrus blend of whole lemons, sultry molasses and full-season ginger to give layers of flavor. 
Ginger Bites - provide small sweet explosions of flavor and a great contrast of textures to the creamy cheese.
Ginger Infused Honey - dark, raw wildflower honey is lifted to a new level when we infuse it with white and yellow ginger. I love that you taste honey and then as it combines with the fats from the cheese, you get a crescendo of clean warm spice.
Step Three - Get it to room temperature
Allow the cheese to get to room temperature for 15 minutes. This allows the flavors to show themselves and the textures to soften. The fats and proteins in the cheese become highlighted when they are combined with the condiments and crackers.
Step Four - Enjoy the time with family and friends
Take your time. Experiment with the combinations of taste and texture. Try wine first and then cheese and condiments. Try it the other way around. There is no right or wrong. 
Remember - food is a joy. Our products are grown and made with great care for you to enjoy. They bring happiness and provide Complex Natural Nutrition™.
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"...Food, real food, can never be better than the ingredients that were used to make it." Ross Harding, Founder and CEO Verdant Kitchen

Recipe - Peanut Butter Turmeric Energy Balls

Recipe - Peanut Butter Turmeric Energy Balls


Peanut Butter Turmeric Powder Balls

Prep Time : 10 Minutes |  Cooking Time: 0 Minutes  |  Servings: 16


Calories: approx 80 each


  1. Verdant Kitchen™ Turmeric Infused Honey 1 tbsp
  2. Organic Oats 1/2 cup
  3. Organic Flax Seeds 1 tbsp
  4. Organic Chia Seeds 1 tbsp
  5. Flax Seed whole 1 tsp
  6. Peanut Butter ½ cup


  1. Combine all ingredients
  2. Mix with two spoons. TIP: you can gently warm the mixture in the microwave to make mixing easier.
  3. Form into small balls, approx 1 teaspoon-sized
  4. Chill in the refrigerator

Verdant Kitchen® Products in this recipe:

Turmeric Infused Honey brings a bright yellow color and is packed with Turmeric anti-inflammatory power.

Recipe - Turmeric Ginger Almond Cranberry Power Boost

The hands-down favorite from a recent Manhattan product tasting, this simple heart-healthy combination is delicious, nutritious and packed with energy.

Turmeric Almond Ginger Cranberry power boost

Energy + boosted anti-inflammatory and antioxidant bioavailability. Three simple ingredients combine to provide four wellness advantages in every serving.

  • Turmeric Dusted Baby Ginger is a two-for-one bonus. Early season, mild ginger is packed with antioxidants. Naturally preserved in cane sugar and infused with our USDA Organic, USA grown Turmeric, bursting with flavor and prized as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant dynamic duo.
  • Almonds provide a complex array of vitamins, minerals and heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and protein. Eaten together the fats from the almonds help increase the solubility of key active compounds in the Turmeric and Ginger and boost their bioavailability in our bodies.
  • Dried cranberries are high in Vitamin C and other natural phytochemicals that like ginger can help soak up free radicals that can damage our DNA and cells.

We often get questions about the sugar content of preserved ginger. When we grow and harvest Ginger, it is not naturally high in simple sugars. Unlike many fresh fruits that average around 10% sugar, ginger naturally has only a few percent. When we dry fruit, we remove the water and concentrate the sugars. This gives dried fruit both its delicious sweet concentrated flavor, but most importantly also acts as a natural preservative. To provide the same level of natural preservation, fresh early season ginger is steeped in a cane sugar solution. Some of the water is replaced by the cane sugar. The result is a product very similar to dried fruit.  You should enjoy preserved ginger as you would dried fruit. Be mindful that they contain sugar and combine them with healthy fiber for slow and steady glycemic release.

Enjoy the mix as a snack, or my favorite, sprinkled over a salad.


Prep Time : 1 Minutes |  Cooking Time: 0 Minutes  |  Servings: 12



Verdant Kitchen® Products in this recipe:

      1. Verdant Kitchen® Turmeric Dusted Baby Ginger 4 oz 
      2. Almonds - raw 6 oz
      3. Dried Cranberries - 2 oz 
      1. Mix all ingredients
      2. Store in a sealed container at room temperature
February 16, 2017


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How To: Brew a great cup of Ginger Turmeric Green Tea

In 60 seconds or less, you can brew a delicious cup of USDA Organic tea. If you only do one thing today to step toward wellness - make a cup of green tea. The process of steeping tea in hot water goes back thousands of years. The gentle and enjoyable process helps release the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals in this blend of natural products in a way that is easy for our bodies to absorb.


Ginger & Date Pudding with Ginger Candied Pecans and Ginger Butterscotch Sauce





This is a classic AustralianGinger, Date and Ginger Candied Pecan Pudding with Toffee Sauce and British dessert.  Warm and fragrant with a great texture. The hidden crunch of Ginger Candied Pecans and the soft, sweet warmth of Ginger Bites balance  perfectly with the thick, rich toffee sauce. A  scoop of vanilla ice cream finishes this wonderful end to a meal.


































Prep Time : 10 Minutes |  Cooking Time: 30 Minutes  |  Servings: 6

    1. Pudding
      1. Verdant Kitchen™ Ginger Bites 1 tin 1.6oz (48 g)
      2. Verdant Kitchen™ Ginger Candied Pecans finely chopped 2oz ( 56g)
      3. Dried Dates finely chopped 1 cup (140g)
      4. Brown Sugar firmly packed 1/2 cup (110g)
      5. Verdant Kitchen™ USDA Organic USA Ground Ginger 1 tsp
      6. Baking Soda 1 tsp
      7. Eggs large 2 ea
      8. Butter 2oz (56 g)
      9. Self-rising Flour 3/4 cup (110g)
      10. Water 3/4 cup
    2. Ginger Butterscotch Sauce
      1. Verdant Kitchen™ USDA Organic USA Ground Ginger 1/2 tsp
      2. Cream 2/3 cup (160 ml)
      3. Brown Sugar firmly packed 1/2 cup 110g)
      4. Butter 4oz (112g) 


    1. Pudding
      1. Preheat oven to 320F (160C)
      2. Combine dates and water in a saucepan and bring to a boil to hydrate.
      3. Blend hydrated date mixture, butter and sugar, eggs, flour, 1/2 of the Ginger Bites and ground ginger until smooth.
      4. Grease a muffin pan and add liners to the base of the pans.
      5. Sprinkle the bottoms of the pans with the Ginger Candied Pecans and remaining Ginger Bites.
      6. Pour pudding mixture into pans.
      7. Bake for 30 minutes, then let stand for 5 minutes.
    2. Butterscotch Sauce
      1. Add all ingredients in a small saucepan.
      2. Heat gently and mix until smooth.
      3. Simmer uncovered for 5 minutes.
    3. Plating
      1. Uncup pudding onto a plate and drizzle with warm butterscotch sauce.
      2. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

This recipe uses the following Verdant Kitchen™ products:

Share the experience of a sustainable farm with a child - a foundation life lesson.


Perhaps there is nothing more important than we can do, than teach our children about their environment, the soil and how their food is grown. 

We recently hosted at our farm, the 1st Grade class from St Andrew's School in Savannah GA. The class and their teacher Ms Adams helped us plant turmeric in the rich coastal loams that we are blessed with on the farm. 

Sure it is fun to get your hands in the soil, especially if you are 6 and your teacher Ms Adams lets you leave the classroom and go wander around with dogs, sticks and worms. Better still if you know that you will get to come back and see the young shoots come out of the soil, perhaps get to pull out a weed. That is part of the lesson, perhaps the main lesson, that there is pleasure in being outdoors, to have your hands in the soil. The mystery of planting a seed or in this case a rhizome and seeing it grow, being part of the creation and regeneration of something, is a special feeling.  


There are many lesson that we need to teach our children. A love of growing things is a foundation class for life.