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Recipe - Sparkling Turmeric Dusted Baby Ginger

Recipe - Sparkling - Turmeric Dusted Baby Ginger

Choose your favorite bubbly mixer - Champagne, Cremant, Cava, Sparkling Water...

Sparkling Turmeric Dusted Baby Ginger 

Prep Time : 2 Minutes |  Cooking Time: 0 Minutes  |  Servings: 1


Calories: varies based on choice of mixer




  1. Verdant Kitchen™ Turmeric Dusted Baby Ginger 1 piece
  2. Sparkling wine or water


  1. Fill glass with sparkling wine or water
  2. Add a piece of Turmeric Dusted Baby Ginger


Verdant Kitchen® Products in this recipe:

Turmeric Dusted Baby Ginger brings the bright earthy palette of USDA Organic Turmeric to warm peppery early season preserved Ginger. 

Ross Harding
Ross Harding


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