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Recipe - "The Lucy" - Champagne Ginger & Bourbon Cocktail

We were having a great time serving Sparkling Turmeric Dusted Baby Ginger and Bourbon and Ginger cocktails at Lucy's Market in Atlanta, GA, decked out with holiday cheer the week before Christmas. 

"...wonder what these would taste like together" asked Leslie M. Seemed like an innocent enough question.

Answer is "Oh, wow - I have to serve this at my New Year's party!"

At last, an answer to the question, "what happens when tailgate meets little black dress?" Meet "The Lucy" champagne cocktail. Warm, light, spicy and refreshing. Your favorite sparkling wine (or sparkling water for the designated driver) with a shot of Bourbon and Ginger Syrup.   

The perfect winter celebration champagne cocktail. A wonderful complement to a cheese board or savory dip. With an easy pre-mixed shot (delicious by itself) and glasses with a jewel of Turmeric Dusted Baby Ginger in the bottom, the Lucy is ready to go as soon as guests arrive.

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  1. Sparkling wine (Champagne, Prosecco, Cremant - drier is better) or sparkling water, cold - 6 oz
  2. Turmeric Dusted Baby Ginger - small piece
  3. Bourbon - ½ fl oz
  4. Ginger Syrup - ½ fl oz
  5. Water - 2 fl oz


  • Prep Time: 2 minutes
  • Cooking Time: 0 minutes
  • Servings: 1 glass


  1. Pre-mix Bourbon, Ginger Syrup and water. For multiple servings, we suggest you mix it in a bottle ready to pour.
  2. Add one piece of Turmeric Dusted Baby Ginger to the bottom of an 8-12 fl oz champagne flute.
  3. Add 3 fl oz of pre-mixed Bourbon and Ginger Syrup to the flute.
  4. Add 6 fl oz of sparkling wine or sparkling water.


Ginger Syrup                                    Turmeric Dusted Baby Ginger



Ross Harding
Ross Harding


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