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Pairing Across the Board - Simple and Inspiring Cheese Boards

Ginger Preserve with Lemon

Ginger Preserve with Lemon - the perfect pairing cheese. I also love Salmon glazed and then baked with this delicious spicy preserve.


One of the great joys of food is being creative, of being unique. 

The "small plate" takes many forms. The Spanish "tapas," the Mexican "bocas," the French "charcuterie," the Chinese "dim sum" all celebrate the art of arrangement and of contrast.

When we think of "cheese boards," we typically think of a flight of cheeses perhaps arranged by region or style or type of base milk. Often these plates have some fruit or preserve to complement or contrast.

At the recent Institut du Fromage training meeting in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, meeting host Michael Landis of Gourmet Foods International took the concept up a level of creativity. In this expression of creativity, the focus was on pairings. Each with a cheese style at its core, but each one designed to complement and contrast prime flavor, flavor taste sequence, aroma and textures.

Clearly each of the presentations could have been presented on a cheese board as a highlight, as an appetizer or amuse bouche, or as a side dish in any course of the meal.

It taught me three things:

1. Be brave and experiment

2. Think about texture as well as flavor

3. You eat with your eyes first, then your nose, and finally your mouth. Each brings something to the experience.

Our pairing was as simple as it was delicious.



Savannah (Ginger) Snaps cookie

1 teaspoon plain goat cheese rolled in a ball

1 teaspoon Ginger Preserve with Lemon

2-3 pieces of Ginger Bites


Use the Savannah Snap as a base and stage. Place the ball of goat cheese in the center and top with the Ginger Preserve with Lemon. Garnish with the Ginger Bites.

Tasting Notes and Pairings:

Consider a Pinot Noir or drier Riesling.

The Savannah Snap gives a crunch and crumb. You taste the Ginger Preserve first and then the creaminess of the goat cheese. They combine to give you a long, clean and warm flavor. EXTRA INFO: Many of the compounds in Ginger that provide its distinctive citrus and warm spices notes are fat soluble. The fat in cheese impacts these compounds and the combination in your mouth releases a cascade of delicious flavors and aromas.

 Here's a short video of the team constructing these delicious pairings.



Ross Harding
Ross Harding


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