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Oats and Ginger for Liver Health - the night after the party

We all enjoy a glass of wine or a delicious cocktail, but spare a thought for your liver health and make sure your diet is full of liver healthy natural antioxidants. When we overdo it, we turn to our liver to help us clean up after the party. A simple breakfast of oats and ginger can make a world of difference. See video at the end of this blog and click here for the recipe.

Oxidants and Free Radicals

We hear a lot about "free radicals," but what are they?

A wide range of chemicals can cause a series of reaction in our bodies promoted by oxygen. The result in electrical charged elements called free radicals that can damage of bodies cells, DNA. This damage in turn leads to inflammation, cancer and other diseases. Stress, alcohol and smoking are major causes of what is known as oxidative stress.

The work of cleaning the toxins from our body fall on the liver.

The Liver

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Our liver is an amazing organ, one of the largest in our body, it is responsible for over 500 separate functions. It does the heavy lifting in our body of dealing with the breakdown of toxins, alcohol and many other substances. When we overwhelm our liver with too much partying and oxidative stress, we can cause damage that leads to fatty liver disease, cirrhosis and scar tissue. These rob us of vital liver functions that are so critical for a healthy, active life.

To combat the effect of the oxidants and free radicals our bodies use antioxidants. These elements are a broad class of chemicals often found in herbs, fruits, nuts and vegetables that can react with and remove the oxidants and free radicals. Filling our bodies with these in our diet reduces oxidative stress damage.

A Simple Recipe with a powerful result.

A simple and delicious breakfast, made in 5 minutes, can help manage that oxidative stress. Oats, ginger, and fresh and dried fruits are satisfying, nutritional, and full of heart-healthy and cancer-fighting goodness. 

I love this with fresh seasonal berries. The Ginger Bites add small explosions of sweet, warm ginger flavor. Try it with a splash of your favorite nut milk for a sub-400 calorie start to your post-party day.

So why does this simple combination of foods work so well?

Let’s look at the key ingredients. Recent double blind placebo-controlled studies show that oats, rich in beta-glucan, had a metabolic-regulating and liver-protecting effect. The data showed that consumption reduced body weight and body fat. Profiles of liver function as measured by enzymes that indicate liver damage AST and ALT, both showed reductions in people consuming oats.

When you combine the liver-healthy benefits of oats with the anti-oxidant benefits of ginger you have a powerful combination. In studies, ginger continues to show its broad positive impact. The rich phytochemicals of ginger include components that scavenge free radicals produced in biological systems. Ginger has several main phytochemicals. 6-Shogol has exhibited the most potent antioxidant properties. More on this in later blogs and videos.

Not only does a diet including ginger offer benefits to the liver but the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory natural elements also offer positive impacts on cancer and inflammatory diseases.


Ross Harding
Ross Harding


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