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Why is Lemon and Turmeric Infused Honey Water so good for cough and cold season?

Ginger Honey & Lemon Water
Honey and Lemon in warm water is a time-honored drink for cough and cold season. Why has it been used for 100's of years?
To get a better understanding lets take a look at the ingredients. This simple and soothing drink has four key ingredients:
Organic Turmeric
Raw Honey
Organic Lemon


8 oz water
Juice of half a lemon


Boil your water and let cool.
Juice the lemon into the water.
Stir in the honey.

You can download a printable PDF of the recipe here.


When you have a cough or cold (or are trying to avoid getting one) there are several foods that can provide comfort and essential nutrients and active ingredients that support your bodies natural ability to be well.


When we have a cough or cold several issues come into play.



We cough to help expel contaminants and irritants from our airways. A body function that is critical but when we cough too much can cause discomfort and lack of sleep. 

Honey appears to increase salivation, this is probably due to its sweetness and this, in turn, can help your body reduce the urge to cough.


Our immune system is working overtime, producing white blood cells and seeking out and destroying the invading virus and bacteria. This battle produces toxins across our bodies, including bits of dead cells and other byproducts. 

Lemon is full of minerals and Vitamin C, a strong antioxidant. Antioxidants can help with cell repair and immune system strength. Oh, and did I mention that when mixed with Turmeric Infused Honey the sweet/sour/earthy flavor is absolutely delicious.


Our immune system is triggering its histamine weapons to help attack the invaders but this often gets out of control and causes inflammation that we feel as discomfort.  

Turmeric contains Curcumin and many other active ingredients that studies and 10,000 years of use, as a natural food, have shown its ability to modulate inflammation.


We often feel the aches and pains of dehydration. We need to stay hydrated and flush our systems clean.

Water is the magic liquid. It is a wonderful carrier of our nutrients. When we warm the water up to make our drink, the warm water helps the Turmeric be more soluble and easier for our bodies to absorb.



Simple, time-honored, delicious and soothing. Made in minutes with natural ingredients. Don't wait to be sick to include it into your every morning routine.


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Ross Harding
Ross Harding


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