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How the classic Moscow Mule got its name and copper mugs

It's National Vodka Day! Yes, there is, in fact, a National Vodka Day, so let's take this opportunity to celebrate it with the very best ingredients.

Then Moscow Mule is such a great cocktail.  (Get the kit here with mugs, ginger syrup, and recipe cards)A few simple ingredients and you have a refreshing cocktail that has broad appeal. Combine it with copper mugs and it's eye-catching!

It seems like so many iconic drinks started out as a marketing campaign. Most accounts have a John G. Martin buying the rights to the Russian Smirnoff brand in the late 1930s only to find that vodka was not the drink of choice. The Second World War was yet to burst upon the world, but the memories of WWI and the Russian Revolution were still fresh. The story goes (and this coincidence is perhaps a bit of a stretch) that Martin was discussing his issue getting vodka sales moving with two friends, one with a similar problem with ginger ale and one with copper mugs. This is just a crazy enough combination to possibly be true. The three set about solving this business problem by combining their respective products into a newly manufactured drink - the Moscow Mule. Just as I can personally attest (as an Australian) that the "blooming onion" only exists at Outback Steakhouse and nowhere in Australia, the Moscow Mule was a marketing creation and not the historic drink of Cossack warriors.

Nevertheless, what was handed down since the 1930s has become a favorite. The drink has been made with ginger ale, but we've found that by using our Ginger Syrup you can better control the flavor.

Moscow Mule Recipe



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Enjoy responsibly - give as a gift generously!

Ross Harding
Ross Harding


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