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For people with health challenges the right gift can make a big difference

The holiday season provides us with an opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives. In a special way, your gift choices can bring joy to people with health challenges both big and small. 

We founded Verdant Kitchen on the belief that some natural foods have an outsized ability to help promote wellness and to have a positive impact on our lives. We have had the great fortune to help improve the quality of life for so many people over the past few years.

"Chemo patients need these. Nice tin for carry in chemo bag or handbags." Denise H on Ginger Bites


A few days ago I was feeling unwell. I had picked up a chest cold on my trip to the SEMA show in Vegas a few weeks back and try as I did, I could not get rid of it. A course of heavy antibiotics quickly got it under control but let me feeling very nauseous - a few pieces of Bare Ginger every 3 hours I felt no nausea. My problem was a small and temporary one, but it reminded me how disruptive pain, discomfort, nausea, and exhaustion can be. Health issues, even small and temporary ones, can rob your quality of life.


"They make most queasiness during a flight go away without medication for me, which is helpful, but I also keep them in my desk just for snacking." Michelle E. on Turmeric Dusted Baby Ginger


As excited as I am about great flavor I am more excited to develop products that help build and maintain strong active lives.

Here are a few ideas for you. Our food, supplements, and collections can be a gift in themselves but also consider building your own gift box around your Verdant Kitchen selections. These include simple items you can pick up at any grocery or drug store. Think of things to help stay warm, moisturized, entertained and relaxed. Warm socks, scarves, and soft blankets. Natural ingredient based moisturizes and lip balm. Books and magazines or audio books and subscriptions are always appreciated.

Rather than come up with an exhaustive list, here are some starting point suggestions. Think about your friends and family who may be putting on a brave face but would really appreciate a gift that made them feel brighter and better able to cope with the holidays.

Prescription medications and chemotherapy often cause nausea, low appetite and a rejection of many familiar tastes. 

"Ginger Syrup was the only thing that got me through my breast cancer treatments" Meredith on Ginger Syrup in water as a drink to sip.

for higher levels of Ginger consider our Farm Fresh capsules

People who suffer from Motion Sickness - for those who suffer from motion sickness, it can ruin travel. Ginger can help reduce nausea that is the result of motion sickness.

I loved this quote from Katie M

"..not the flavor for me AT ALL, but when I read it’s helpful for morning sickness, I had to give it a try! these are in tiny tolerable pieces and seemed to tame the nausea a bit."

Pregnant Moms often have a unique battle with nausea. We have so many moms tell us that our ginger products really helped them.

Ida M on nausea she suffered during pregnancy.

"Got this to help fight my pregnancy nausea. Love being able to use a natural remedy. The sugar makes it super tasty."

Ida chose the Ginger Bites, but similar items include Bare Ginger and Crystallized Ginger.


For people battling various arthritic diseases, consider warm Ginger Turmeric Green Tea and Turmeric Infused Honey as individual items or gift collections.



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Ross Harding
Ross Harding


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