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Cheese Boards - Set the mood with tastes and textures

You have the music playing, the drinks chilled, the table set and the lights just right. First impressions matter. The Uncomplicated Gourmet™ has some secrets up their sleeve to help set the mood and prepare your palate.
The cheese course is served at different times around the world. I grew up in Australia and no great meal was complete without a selection of cheese and a good 10-year-old tawny Port. In France, it's after the main course. On many American tables, the cheese is the prelude to the meal in the "snacks, dips and nibbles" category. Whenever a cheese course is served, it's an opportunity to set the mood.
Step One - Start with a theme.
This theme is "rustic." This combination would pair well with a pinot noir. Two goat milk cheeses provide a creamy mouth feel and aromatic spice. We chose Goat Lady Snow Cap - a mixed cow and goat milk, small format, soft bloomy rind, brie style; and Goat Lady plain Creamy Classic Chevre. Soft acidic.
Step Two - Bring the flavors and textures together
Rustic crackers and creamy cheese deserve soft, warm and sweet to highlight the flavor and texture. We kept the fruit to a minimum, some red seedless grapes. The star was a trio of ginger.
Ginger Preserve with Lemon - pieces of early-season harvest ginger are allowed to infuse our citrus blend of whole lemons, sultry molasses and full-season ginger to give layers of flavor. 
Ginger Bites - provide small sweet explosions of flavor and a great contrast of textures to the creamy cheese.
Ginger Infused Honey - dark, raw wildflower honey is lifted to a new level when we infuse it with white and yellow ginger. I love that you taste honey and then as it combines with the fats from the cheese, you get a crescendo of clean warm spice.
Step Three - Get it to room temperature
Allow the cheese to get to room temperature for 15 minutes. This allows the flavors to show themselves and the textures to soften. The fats and proteins in the cheese become highlighted when they are combined with the condiments and crackers.
Step Four - Enjoy the time with family and friends
Take your time. Experiment with the combinations of taste and texture. Try wine first and then cheese and condiments. Try it the other way around. There is no right or wrong. 
Remember - food is a joy. Our products are grown and made with great care for you to enjoy. They bring happiness and provide Complex Natural Nutrition™.
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"...Food, real food, can never be better than the ingredients that were used to make it." Ross Harding, Founder and CEO Verdant Kitchen

Ross Harding
Ross Harding


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