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Can you practice being happy?

Do you remember the feeling in April 202 when you found that your local supermarket had supplies of toilet paper? How about when you learned that you could hug your grandkids again?

Happiness, relief, contentment it turns out they are as important to our mental health as hand washing, exercise and sleep are to our physical health. Can we learn happiness? Is it something that we can do in our daily rituals?

A lot has been written about the amazing success of the Yale "Happiness" course. This free course (if you have not checked it out here is a link) formally know as "The Science of Wellbeing" had over 3 millions enroll in 2020.

Professor Laurie Santos top instructor Yale

Dr Laurie Santos - Yale

I think the level of interest and articles written about this course gives an indication of the level of interest and concern we have about happiness or the lack of it.

There are many findings and personal stories that range from "had no impact" to "life changing" but there are a few important takeaways. I think one of the most interesting discussions and course topics are around the concept of visualization and documentation. Thinking of your current situation and imaging what it would be to be worse off that you currently are helps puts your problems in perspective. I did this all of the time during the past COVID year. Making and end of day list of the top thing that you are thankful for is a mantra to remember to say thank you to others. Happiness, Sleep, Nutrition and Hydration all seem so obvious but they are at the very center of a strong active life.

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