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Aspirin study points to the long-term impact of inflammation on cancer

November 04, 2017

Multiple studies of compounds that reduce inflammation seems to show very broad impacts on our health. These studies have documented reductions in cardiovascular disease and cancer - two of the largest causes of premature death and significant negative impacts on quality of life. The latest of these studies was recently published in the Gastroenterology Journal of the American Gastroenterology Association. This broad population-based study compared the cancer risk of over 600,000 people who have taken aspirin for at least 6 months (note the average aspirin user had taken it for 7.7 years) with non-aspirin users. This 10-year study showed that after correcting for a wide range of factors, the occurrence of digestive-system cancers showed significant reductions. 47% reduction in liver and...

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Central Market is Really Into Food

October 28, 2017

I had an excellent time in Texas in the Central Market stores. Such a great team of associates and Foodies. Passionate and knowledgeable people, great selection of the best food.  Shopping should be an experience for all of the senses.   Thanks to the Central Market teams.

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