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  • Cheers! A Ginger Mojito Recipe to Spring into Summer!

    As summer is rapidly approaching, I find myself more and more frequently craving a good mojito. While Mint Juleps are a good spring drink (check out our Facebook page for a good recipe), mojitos are perfect while sitting by the pool in the heat of the summer.

    This Memorial Day, try whipping up your own batch of mojitos to celebrate the three day weekend. The recipe below is sure to help you and your neighbors enjoy your weekend afternoon.


    Here’s what you need to make a pitcher of ginger mojitos:

    1 cup of Verdant Kitchen’s White Hot Ginger Syrup

    2 cups of muddled mint leaves

    3 cups of white rum (if you choose to indulge) 

    1 1/2 cups of lime juice


    To serve:


    Club Soda

    Mint Sprigs (to garnish)


    Mix the Ginger Syrup, muddled mint leaves, rum and lime juice in a pitcher. Chill in the fridge until you are ready to serve but make sure it’s chilled for at least an hour.

    When you decide that you need a drink, pour about a cup of your mojito mix onto ice in a glass. Top it off with club soda and a mint sprig (just for looks)!

    Easy as that!

    Now if you are feeling really fancy, muddle a few blueberries into your mojito mix and top your drink off with a handful of fresh blueberries. 



  • Meet Sonia- Verdant Kitchen's Social Media and Marketing Intern!

    Hi everyone- Chandler here!  I am very excited to introduce y'all to a new team member at Verdant Kitchen.  It's so awesome to see our little ginger business grow and the new faces around the office that appear as a result of that growth!  That's right, our small office is now filling with interns, sales managers, and production leaders.  Start ups are a blast!  


    Sonia will often be around taking photos at events, updating our social media, blogging, and keeping everyone in the loop with the ginger happenings here at Verdant Kitchen.  

    Anyway, without further ado, I've asked Sonia to introduce herself to all of our friends, customers, and supporters...



    I’m Sonia! Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, I have spent  my summers growing up fishing on the lake, chasing fire flies while my parents sat on the front porch with neighbors and going to baseball games which,  other than my recent fascination with golf, is the closest you’ll see me to understanding sports. (Go Braves!) This summer, however, I’m spending my summer interning for Verdant Kitchen! I want to give you a little bit of information about me to help you put a face with the name.

    I love to paint even though I’m not very good at it. I am an upcoming junior at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, where I am a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon (a Panhellenic sorority).  I love music festivals and summer fairs. My music tastes are quite quirky– I listen to a lot of Nico Vega mixed with The Black Keys, Zac Brown, The Beatles and a splash of 80s pop. I am conscious of what I eat and tend to aim towards the healthier side but I prefer when my food tastes good. I can’t cook so if you see any recipes from me just be aware that you can 100% do them even if you have limited cooking skills. I’m most excited with working with the ginger infused honey this summer to see what nifty ideas I can come up with for it. I use words like nifty and infused which drives the barista at my Starbucks crazy.  I’m an avid coffee drinker though hot tea tends to be my afternoon drink of choice (I’m going to add the honey infused with ginger to my tea and I’ll report back). I’m a social media junky so you are likely to see lots of me on Facebook, Twitter and the blog this summer. Didn’t know we had Facebook and Twitter? Go like and follow us!

    I look forward to meeting some of you this summer at farmers markets!

    -Sonia Wade


  • Guest Blogger, Hillary Thompson, Shares her Ginger Pecan Chocolate Macaroon Recipe

    Y'all, we absolutely LOVE hearing feedback and recipes from our customers and we were thrilled to get a call yesterday from Hillary Thompson (Athens, GA) of Patten Pecans. She shared with us this fabulous macaroon recipe that had us drooling- even better, it features three Georgia Grown products!  Scroll down for pictures and, be warned- if you weren't hungry before, you will be soon!




    Ginger Pecan Chocolate Macaroons

     I’ve been making this delicious macaroon recipe for years, first for myself and now upon request from friends and family (including picky teenagers!). Recently, an advance in flavor and ease was gained when I discovered Verdant Kitchen’s Ground Ginger.


    Savannah White Hot Ground Ginger ads vivid heat and spice that I wasn’t getting from the tablespoons of grocery store ginger I was grinding out on my trusty Microplane zesting tool . . . and now I get superior flavor and don’t even have to bother with the grinding. Henceforth, I simply spoon perfectly ground ginger out of the bag, combine ingredients, and dehydrate for delightful, gooey macaroons.


    I’m thrilled to discover Verdant Kitchen’s ginger products. It’s exciting that we have a ginger farm right here in Georgia and gives me yet another reason to be proud of Georgia agriculture! For this recipe I chose to purchase “Farm Grind,” which is slightly coarser in texture than their other option of “Fine Grind,” and have found Farm Grind to certainly be fine enough for the several other recipes where I’ve used it. The grind is chef’s choice, in my opinion.


    Dry Ingredients

    -3.5 cups dried, shredded coconut

    -1.5 cups Georgia pecans from Patten Pecans (Finely chop the pecans to the consistency you’d like to bite into, but do not turn the pecans into “flour.”)

    -2 tablespoons Verdant Kitchen Ground Ginger (1 to 1.5 tablespoons if you love ginger, but want to scale back the heat and spice a bit.)

    -1.75 cups cocoa powder


    Wet Ingredients

    -1.5 cups raw Georgia honey (or mix of honey and maple syrup)

    -3/4 cup coconut oil

    -2.5 teaspoons vanilla

    -2 pinches sea salt





    1)     Combine dry ingredients, then add wet ingredients to the dry ones (the wet ones do not need to be combined before adding to the dry ones).

    2)     Place small round scoops on to dehydrator sheets. Scoops can vary in size, but I go for heaping tablespoons. Be consistent in size so the macaroons will all dehydrate evenly.

    3)     Dehydrate at 105 degrees F for 10 to 16 hours. Check your macaroons after 8 hours and then again every 2 hours, if you can. I like medium-gooey macaroons, so about 12 hours seems to be the max for me. If you like them gooier, take them out earlier. If you like them crispier, leave them in longer. Again, chef’s choice.


    Even though the dehydrating process takes up a large chunk of time, with a little planning ahead, there’s really not much too it. After the fist time when you determine how long to dehydrate them (according to your specific dehydrator and your taste preferences), then you can just go ahead and set the timer for that amount of time. This flexible recipe will produce delicious macaroons adjusted to suit your preferences. Enjoy this recipe made with three Georgia Grown ingredients!


    Yield: Approximately 40 (depends on your scoop size)


    Recipe adapted from Mathew Kenny’s cookbook, “Everyday Raw.”


    By Patten Pecans

  • Verdant Kitchen will be Brewing it's Cask Off!

    Georgia Organics Congratulates:

    Chandler Case for winning us over with her "Stormy Waters" brew.  

    Chandler hails from GO member Verdant Kitchen of Savannah and we are excited that Case and Stormy Waters, which includes local honey and Verdant Kitchen's own Organic Ground Ginger, will represent GO at Sweetwater's Annual Brew Your Cask Off in November.
    Best of luck to Chandler and Verdant Kitchen at the event and a BIG THANKS to all our fabulous contestants who sent in their creative concoctions and made our voting very difficult indeed!
  • Verdant Kitchen is Hiring a Part-time Farm Helper!

    Verdant Kitchen, a farm to table processor, is seeking a passionate individual to work on our organic farm in Savannah, GA! Verdant Kitchen specializes in subtropicals such as ginger, galangal, and turmeric that are rare in the Southeast region of the United States. Love the outdoors, experimenting with unique crops, or living a healthy lifestyle? Verdant Kitchen sounds like the place for you! 

    Responsibilities include weeding, harvesting, cleaning crops, and potentially some value added activity. Work may be physically demanding at times. Team member will be required to work 8-16 hours to week and scheduling is flexible. Pay will be competitive. This part-time position may have the opportunity to evolve into full time by December 1. 

    Must have valid drivers license and reliable mode of transportation. Agricultural students or individuals with any farming experience are strongly encouraged to apply.

    Please send all inquries, resumes, or relevant experience to  

    Come join us. 
    Live Well! Eat Well!

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