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The Rise of Functional Foods

June 20, 2016

Google recently released their Food Trends for 2016 . If you were in any doubt about the role food plays in our lives, then look through this report. It is as much a social commentary as it is an aggregate of the thoughts and concerns of millions of people.  A contemplation of this report is thoughtfully presented in 2016 Food Trends on Google - The Rise of Functional Foods. The report caught my attention because it highlights Turmeric as a "rising star" in Google searches (after a long period of being a "sustained riser" on the search engine).  It was this opening paragraph that spoke to the intersection of social concerns about our food and diet, the access technology is giving...

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Bodies out of balance - chronic inflammation

May 27, 2016

#2 in a 4 part series of discussions, Bodies out of Balance - chronic inflammation we will look at when there is no balance and our bodies move from health to chronic inflammation. In the first part of this discussion "A question of Balance - Healthy and Unhealthy Inflammation" we talked about healthy inflammation. The cascading series of steps our bodies take to protect and heal. A rapid automatic and amazingly complex set of reactions designed to find and eliminate the infection or damage that our body has suffered. Lasting from a few hours to several days the results can be unpleasant. It is a fast paced battle. The enemy (infection or damage) must be dealt with quickly before it overwhelms us. The...

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