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An Early Spring continues a 30 year trend- the Bees already knew

February 26, 2017

A lot has been said about the trend in warming weather. You can choose to call it climate change or not, but what is fact is that we have seen warming average temperatures for the last 30 years. Looking across the US we can see this trend as increases in average mean temperatures by State. You can customize you information at this NOAA site If seems like every other person I have met in the last week has a cold or some sort. Changing temperature profiles changes disease spread. To focus on immunity and recovery see FightBack5 We will hear a lot more about climate change and sometimes it seems a bit abstract and difficult to apply to your...

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What the Research Shows: Green Tea & Prostate Cancer

February 17, 2017

Green Tea contains high levels of polyphenols that have been shown in research to contribute to anti cancer impacts. Prostate Cancer remains one of the leading case of death in the USA and up to 30% of men 30-40 years show precancerous lesions. Can Green Tea help to reduce rates of death from Prostate Cancer? We will look to see what the Research shows.  Click here for  products included.

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